Friday, 15 May 2015

Insight Report: Non-Bank Providers of Payments and Financial Services – Best practices and Case Studies

Reinhart-Venture-Capital Research announces the addition of a new market research report: Insight Report: Non-Bank Providers of Payments and Financial Services – Best practices and Case Studies

Non-bank payments and financial service (NBPFS) providers are facing difficulties in terms of expanding and defending their market shares, as a result of changes in regulatory dynamics, the economic environment and competitive landscapes. Companies are under pressure to deleverage and seek alternative sources of profit, as key economies remain weak and competition has increased. In this altered environment, a new operating model is needed, one that is rooted in attaining a primary relationship with the customer through the rebuilding of trust and the forging of active customer relationships. A number of NBPFS providers, both established and new, are setting best-practice examples in capitalizing on technology and their relationships with customers to enhance business potential, despite several hurdles to growth. This report explores key best practices adopted by NBPFS providers to stay competitive in the dynamic world of financial services.
The report discusses in detail the best practices and new concepts adopted by non-bank companies engaged in payments and financial services.
It provides insights into the key industry dynamics of non-bank payments and financial services (NBPFS) providers, and drivers supporting the growth of the NBPFS sector.
It captures insights such as the role of NBPFS providers in the economy, inefficiencies in the banking sector and the emergence of NBPFS providers as an alternative for certain consumer segments.
It provides case examples to highlight the strategies and actions taken by NBPFS providers to increase their business potential.

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